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ok everybody has probably already caught this by now, but I wanted to write it down –

You have to judge the mayor of Crestwood for pretty much the same thing that Solas is responsible for (albeit on a much smaller scale). I couldn’t have written a closer parallel if I tried – the mayor, in a position of authority, made the decision to unilaterally kill many innocent people in order to stop something he believed to be more terrible from happening (eta: and both were, perhaps, attempts to specifically stem the spread of the Blight – thank you for catching that, @rederiswrites!). Then living with guilt for years, all those deaths on his hands, wondering if he made the right call, until finally the truth was revealed.

Where it gets interesting is when Solas reacts to the Mayor’s punishment. And his reactions are almost the complete opposite of all the other companions.


Solas seems to be the only person who actively empathizes with the mayor. He thinks the mayor deserved exile, is neutral about imprisonment, and he is the only one to disapprove of a beheading. 

That Solas would approve of a betrayer being exiled away from his people is interesting to me, especially knowing his worst fear (“dying alone”) and hearing the conversation with Varric about the Man on the Island. I wonder if these are the same punishments he would give himself. 

Anyway, I get a kick from all the people in the comments saying that they just felt sorry for the mayor having to make a choice like that…  does that go for Trespasser as well?


Fenris and Solas with long hair cuz why not? *3*

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Ooh, fun thought:

So there are all these parallels between Solas and the Maker, right?

So what if Andraste’s message was misinterpreted over the years (and via wartime propaganda even during her own life) and the Bride of the Maker was actually a prophecy?

Referring, of course, to a woman who would win the Maker’s regard so highly that she stopped him from condemning the other people of the world to suffer for their sins. Not Andraste herself. A vision she saw, of what would need to happen in order to stop the end of the world one day.

Ok whoah, @feynites you are blowing my mind with this! I actually like it a great deal. Far more than I should because it gives me hope of redeeming the Egg. 


threw some messy color on this


Art vs Artist Meme 

Surely some of you expected this. xD


I always respond rather understandingly to the young Crestwood couple hiding in that dank old place where you go to ‘empty the lake’ or whatever.. but god I love that scene so much.. Taking Solas along, he always goes something like “oh…..wonderful”  >:/   in the most displeased manner.. its downright hilarious.. 

But then for once I decided to respond to them something like “Really? you couldnt find a more romantic place to be?” .. and.. Solas.. fucking approved… 

Such a critic, hes a true romantic at heart. Disapproves of a youngin` that doesnt properly put intent or well thought out meaning into someone he courts.. 

Solas himself probably imagines a hundred different better romantic places then that.. at that precise moment.. 

INFACT…… its probably where he first thought to himself 

{ This place isnt romantic in the slightest.. you wanna really woo a woman.. you take her some place remarkable…. Like that cave not too far from yond- ….. -lightbulb moment- hmmmmm……~ }

u gotta think that solas who utterly loathes the inquisitor has to feel happy as a clam and really really not that torn up about his plan. TRA LA LA THESE PEOPLE DON’T MATTER AND MOST OF THEM ARE ASSHOLES I’M JUST GONNA PUT IT TO RIGHTS.



This is the most interesting (terrifying, wonderful, thematically relevant) thing in that game, right?? Like, how different Solas feels about the world, about his situation, if you’ve never, ever, once made the effort to reach out to him. How hard and closed his heart is. And what changes and blooms if you just effing empathize with and speak to and listen to a person who needs it. If you show love for a person who is obviously crying out for help.

Patrick Weekes always spoke about Solas with such gentle tender compassion, and now I understand why.

And yeah, exactly like you were saying, the game, it turns out, is about empathy!!! which shocks me only because I didn’t realize it before, during Inquisition. When the main game ended, I thought, “this game is about religious faith and about people lying” – when Trespasser ended, it became so much clearer, so much more meaningful. It really made the main game so much better. “this game is about empathy, about repairing physical and emotional breaches, about compassion and healing and letting go of the past and the pieces of yourself you can’t keep.”

What shocked me coming into the final stretch of Trespasser was that, FORGET about the flea distraction that is the Saarebas, the conversation you have with Solas is the Last Boss Fight of Inquisition. And, in a first that I’ve encountered in a video game, it’s a final confrontation lost or won purely through empathy. Solas is desperately asking the Inquisitor to listen to him, to help him, to stop him. He would never have told you anything if he didn’t want you to stop him. It’s a quiet conversation, full of pain, and it’s more climactic than all the fighting in the last 10 hours of gameplay put together, including Corypheus. This conversation is the most climactic final boss I can remember playing in years. And the game rewards you for your patience and empathy, your friendship. The connections you made opens up options, gives leeway for peace and healing.

(the game that lets you let the tortured, enslaved dragon go free rather than killing it)

(the game where cole, compassion incarnate, greatly approves when you say you will save Solas)

It’s probably not going to happen, but in the next game I would hope that, in world states where the Inquisitor cut Solas off or physically abused him, that it’s fully 6 times harder to beat the game. I hope that helping Solas come to terms is a genuine method of beating DA4. The information the Inquisitor has access to if they stop to listen to Solas is like 150 times as useful as one who always told him to shut up. And Solas wants you to use that information. In the good ending of this game, he’s so desperate that you do so. In the bad ending, he’s an island.

This is beautiful. How could I not have noticed this theme of empathy and/or compassion when I’ve been playing to it the whole time?

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