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Kylo Ren doll for my cool almost-six-years niece. This is literally all I have done today besides feeding myself. Now for the hard part: Clothes.

So my niece’s 6th birthday is coming up soon and I thought I’d knit her a doll, because, you know, dolls are all I knit lately and I’m quite enjoying the Fenris doll knitting. She was, along with most 4 year olds, a huge fan of Elsa; she also loves Ariel; but it turns out she has requested not a Disney Princess party, but a Star Wars party.

(Nerd Aunt is super proud, by the way.)

Her favorite character? The one of whom she picked out a costume last time they had gift cards to spend at Toys ‘r’ Us?

Kylo Ren.

Looks like I need to figure out a pattern to knit a Kylo Ren doll.

(Her 8 year old brother, by the way, still gets scared watching the lightsaber fights in Star Wars. The niece? Roots for the villain.)


Fenris as a Jedi! Obviously no markings because I fail, but still. I likey. This was made when I was super tired. I’ll make a better one later.



some of my favourite headcanons revolve around Obi-Wan being a complete Nerd every day of his life (especially since I don’t see people talk about Obi-Wan’s hobbies much if at all)

  • From a young age he always has his nose in a book (or holobook I guess but w/e Obi-Wan would be the pretentious type to prefer ‘real’ books) and his room is just filled with them. He gets upset if anyone disorganizes them or say, uses them as a coaster. You know, what other younglings and padawans do with their books.
  • He is curious. So curious about everything
  • always the first to point out a culture’s customs (because he knows everything about everyone it seems) so Anakin doesn’t accidentally offend anyone during their mission 
  • He is the Egon “I collect spores molds and fungus” Spengler of whatever group of friends he’s hanging out with and they just don’t understand how excited he can get over discovering a new plant/animal species or experiencing a new culture or exploring a planet with a unique atmosphere like pls Master Kenobi it’s a weed it’s not that exciting – but I’ve never seen a strain that has teeth before!
  • takes home samples for further study ofc
  • he has journals full of drawings and notes from his studies that he scribbles in during down-time on other planets and it’s actually super useful information
  • it drives Anakin up the wall
  • just look at how AFFRONTED Obi-Wan is in this scene from TCW when Anakin stomps on a goddamn brain worm

like damn obi you’re in a situation where you could literally have parasites crawl into everyone’s brains and make them zombies subservient to a Discount Xenomorph queen and you were just thinking about how fast you could get home and study that thing


look at him, his day is ruined

#he totally adopts small animals and pretends it’s just so he can study them#he complained about all qui-gon’s strays but lbr he’s a sucker for needy lifeforms#i just love the idea of obi-wan surrounded by weird plants and animals and fungi and making detailed studies on them in his free time#it’s the Nerdiest#and also just being so enthralled by other cultures and languages#and being totally respectful and appreciative of all the different cultures in the Republic#also what if he gardens in his free time too omg#I just like thinking of Obi-Wan’s hobbies tbh#his nerdy and peaceful hobbies so pure#obi wan#commentary


Rey’s Theme John Williams

Just amazing, Williams is on another level

Incaensor: Prologue


You know that Dragon Age/Star Wars fusion I mentioned a couple times? Here’s the first part.

Five years ago, Jedi Knight Yana Hawke left everything behind, including her name and the Order that betrayed her. The cold war between the Sith and the Republic can sort itself out without her help, as far as she’s concerned – at least until a living Sith weapon falls into her lap, bringing unwelcome reminders of her past and a threat to the galaxy that not even she can ignore.


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Another old midi recovered from my college days. This is a motif for Tycho Celchu of Rogue Squadron novels/comics.

Recovered from an old CD: Winter, a song I composed back in college (in midi format, in Noteworthy Composer) for Winter Celchu of the Rogue Squadron comics/novels.*

*also I’m calling her Winter Celchu because I can’t even remember at this point what her maiden name was…she married Tycho eventually, right?

This is an important recommendation





By this point I have quite a few followers who are into Star Wars. And quite a few who are into medieval literature.

Allow me to tell you about The Tatooine Cycle, or Star Wars (1977) in the style of a medieval Irish epic, which started life on Twitter in November 2015. The whole thing is on the author’s blog, The Head of Donn Bó.

Some selections:

What was the reason for the Tragic Death of Cenn Obi and the Destruction of Da Thféider’s Hostel? (1) Not difficult that.

There was once a great queen of Alt Da Rann and Leia was her name. War had sprung up between her people and those of Da Thféider. She sent messengers to ask for aid from the wildman, Cenn Obi. He lived in the wilderness far to the west. These were the messengers she sent: Síd Tríphe Óg, who knew all the languages of man and beast,(2) and the dwarf, Artú.

My favourite thing about it is that Tom O’Donnell (the author) used the name Finn for Luke, on grounds that you wouldn’t find anyone called Luke in Irish mythology. Finn is a calque for Luke: both mean white, and secondarily, pure. Tom did not know at that point that there would be a Finn in Ep VIII.

The bandits sold the messengers to a farmer, Eogan his name. He gave them to his nephew, Finn Aiércoisige, (4) to look after. Artú told Finn why they had come to the region: to seek Cenn Obi, the wild man. Their lands and people were being destroyed. Finn knew the holy man who lived in the woods. The geilt would fly from treetop to mountain peak and lived on brook lime & fresh water.(5) The next day Finn and Artú set out into the wilderness to find the wild man. They see him on a hill and he recites this poem:

Come not near to me Finn
Though I knew your father
The wilderness is sweet to me
Who has not heard your name in a long time

Cenn Obi recites random and cryptic poetry throughout, it’s glorious. Also glorious: the passage that combines the passing on of the lightsaber and the death of Owen and Beru:

“This is a powerful weapon from a better age. Do not point it at your face” said Cenn Obi. With his senses returned Cenn Obi agreed to help the princess and journey east with the messengers. Finn will not leave. Da Thféider’s warriors came to Eogan’s farm. They burned it down and killed Eogan, his wife and his livestock. This is an ill omen for the hospitaller. With right on his side Finn decides to journey with Cenn Obi to Mag Eisleigh.

This is an ill omen for the hospitaller. BRILLIANT.

Look, just go and read the post, to find out about the shining eye of Da Thféider that destroys armies in a single glance, and Finn Aiércoisige’s daring efforts to throw a spear through a small window and knock over a cauldron, thus setting on fire the hostel of Da Thféider.

Oh sweet Brid, this is awesome!

On a related note, there’s also Tattúínárdǿla sagaaka:  Star Wars as an Icelandic Saga.

Actually now I want to see the alternate universe faculty knife fights over these and whether the actual source is a previously unknown Indo-European myth that’s still being reconstructed.


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