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Video Game Ending Survey



If you have a minute or two, would you mind taking THIS SURVEY for my article next week please? Thank you!

Last reblog…writing it tomorrow. Thanks again!

What you’d like to see in DA4


I made a survey about DA4 and what we’d like to see in the game! Mainly because I like surveys and have been thinking way too much about DA4.

I tried to be as thorough as I can and include options for everything, but feel free to ask me to add something if you feel something’s missing! (Or correct me on any mistakes.)

Hopefully this is just a fun thing to do if you’re bored…

Not sure how long I’ll leave this up before reporting the results… kind of depends on how many responses this gets.

What you’d like to see in DA4

What do you like seeing in a fenhawke fanfic?: A survey!




Seriously curious about this, as a person and a writer. If you like to read fenhawke fanfiction, please give some input!

edit: thank you for the replies so far! reblogs appreciated!

I’m actually curious to see this myself, as someone who likes to write for FenHawke (and wants to do more!)

I have 60 responses so far and when I close this thing (maybe in a week?), I can release the results for you and other people who are curious.

I’d love to see the results too! Also reblogging the link for any followers who haven’t taken the survey yet.

A Dragon Age Meme

I was tagged some time ago by @unwritten-fantasy.
High time I got caught up on the meme tags! 🙂


1) Always re-post the rules.

2) Answer the questions given by the person who
tagged you.

3) Give 11 questions of your choice to the people
you tag

4) Tag 11 people

I’m going to skip 3 and 4 actually: I hereby
declare open-tagging, anyone who wants to participate can claim a tag, and just
answer the same 11 questions because I’ve procrastinated answering these long
enough and am not going to delay longer to write 11 more questions of my own,

Who are your favorite non-companion character’s from each game?

Origins: Teagan, Duncan, Anora, Gorim (temporary
companions count right?)

DA2: Flemeth (technically in all three games but
I like her best in this one), Orsino, Bodahn, Sandal, and Orana

Inquisition: Josephine, Dagna, Bram Kenric

2. Favorite game in the series, and why?

Dragon Age 2, for the story with all its
surprises and setbacks and the Sisyphean nature of Hawke, and for the fantastic
companions who are there as Hawke’s friends moreso than a team saving the world
from peril.

3. Favorite moment in the series? (Cutscene,
banter, lore, etc.)

Man there are too many. Hm…well, the disaster
at Ostagar was the scene that hooked me on the series in the first place, when things
got real
. The moment the Chantry blew up was a similar hook, especially
since I was romancing Anders on that first playthrough and was thoroughly
flabbergasted. 😀 The refugee Inquisition singing “The Dawn Will Come” was the
hook for me in DAI, such a powerful use of music. And there are a zillion
favorite banters so let’s not even start on that!

4. What’s your favorite location? (From any of
the games)

Hm, I do love the Emerald Graves! So much lore
and so much green. In real life I am an indoorsy hermity person but in game I
love the outdoors, heh.

5. Who would win in a fight: your Warden, Hawke,
or Inquisitor, and why do you think so?

Well if we’re going with my canon trio of Ranna
Cousland, Lisbet Hawke, and Thayer Trevelyan…um probably Ranna, because she’s
the scrappiest and possibly the most determined, Thayer would not take the
fight seriously enough, and Lisbet would…actually Lisbet might just freeze
the both of them and walk away. Does that count as a win?

6. If you could be any character from the series,
who would you be and why?

I’m probably Josephine, the frilliest, most
introverted Antivan ambassador ever. As for why: I have the organizational
skills and the tact for her job, and my personality’s more or less a blend of

7. Think about your favorite DA OC. Why are they
your favorite?

Well currently that’s Metis, because he is a ray
of sunshine in a pretty dark world.

8. Preferred party for each game?

I honestly can’t think of one, as I tend to vary
my party a lot for the sake of banter triggering, plus it varies by who my main
character is/what class they are, e.g. if I’m playing a mage I’m less likely to
have multiple mages on my team, etc.

9. What’s your favorite Origins background?

I played a character through each origin story
once just to see that part, but I think I still prefer the Aeducan origin most,
and that was my first Warden!

10. If you could live in any country in Thedas,
where would it be?

I think Antiva would be a fascinating place to
live, so long as you’re not someone likely to get targeted for assassination..

11. You get to make a party of your favorite
characters from the entire series. Who do you choose?

Hmmmm am I picking them just as my favorite
characters or in terms of building a decent party? Heh…Well, let’s say
Alistair, Fenris, and Cassandra then. Looks like I’d better be playing a mage
or rogue because apparently the warrior characters are all my faves!

Wonders of Thedas


So! I’m taking this course, yea? It’s Sociology of Culture. And the big project at the end is a Photo Essay. The assignment is to use words accompanying images to explain some aspect of culture that’s relevant to the class.

And I’m thinking about Dragon Age, because I usually am anyway.

Normally, I’d hesitate to ask around, but I really need to rely on the community to help me with this. 

The project basically focuses on the creators within the Dragon Age community. This means those who make art, do cosplay, and write fan fiction. My inner introvert writhes a bit at asking, but I’d really appreciate the help if you have anything you can contribute to the study. 

Tumblr isn’t the best forum for this request, so I’m also going to post links to FaceBooks and maybe message a few people…if I can be brave!

If anyone wants to take the survey or reblog this, I would be eternally grateful 🙂 If not, then you guys have a great day…and…I’ll just be over here in my cubby hole….. *scurries back to cubby hole*

Wonders of Thedas



This survey (completely anonymous) has been made to discover where the majorities and where the minorities lie. Were mages sided with more often than the templars? Was the Grand Cleric distracted for Anders without any suspicion of what the mage was really up to? Who drank from the Well of Sorrows?

Those questions are on Dragon Age: A New perspective, waiting for your answers, along with many more.

I have attempted to make this survey as precise as possible, using the DA:Keep to aid me in my process of creating this survey. I have also attempted to be as open as possible, making sure every option available in the game for the question was listed. There are many very minor details I left out, like the many side quests of Denerim for DA:O for example. 

The survey is split into 3 categories and three subcategories (four for Inquisition). 

The main categories are Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The subcategories are your character, your companions, and the decisions you made. The extra category for Inquisition is the judgments you made as Inquisitor.

When enough people have sent in their answers to the survey, I will compile the results and post them here, more than likely under a cut text post. I will include the charts that are given by the Google Form as well to show how the other options stood against the victor. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in participating in, click this part of the sentence to go straight to the Google Form and submit your answers! 

SIDE NOTE: If you do take this survey, please try to answer all questions possible. Thank you!

Hello :) Apologies for bothering you, but I’ve done up a survey about fandom participation (just 5 questions) that I was wondering you could answer if you had any spare time. It’s for my final year essay in college, and your help would be greatly appreciated. (Also apologies for the messy link, just remove the brackets.) docs(.)google(.)com/forms/d/1Iz5QL-qaVJInOqz2IKKJuBnR5IgEgBJhoqI-utpAAJg/viewform?usp=send_form Thank you for your time!


Sure thing! I’ll share this, too!

click here

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