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I began posting this with full intentions to add my usual dose of sarcasm, but it was actually pretty impressive.  So now I’ll just behave myself and share this with you all.




I sing/sang second alto, basically deepest female voice, in a choir.  So I can appreciate the hell out of this.  I’d also like to know how they did this.  Is this for church?  A special performance?  ALSO ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENT YES 100% APRROVAL.

I think my only caveat is the soloist, could have sounded more confident and steady.  However I understand that recordings can REALLY mangle a performance if not done right which is probably what happened here.  (Then again, my pseudo-adopted mother throughout college was opera sopranoist o I may be biased…)

So @jessicapendragon has proposed a DA:I Celebration this week since Wednesday is the anniversary of the game’s release. My first contribution: The moment that firmly hooked me on this third installment of Thedasing. (I mean, obviously I was already long since hooked on Dragon Age in general, but it seems like each game has that one moment when I am utterly sold on that game in particular. Like, in DA:O it was the battle of Ostagar, when suddenly the stakes were raised to the very heavens and it seemed like the story mattered so much more.) That moment in DA:I, for me, was the impromptu sing-along of “The Dawn Will Come” after the Fall of Haven. Realizing that (A) that theme song had lyrics and (B) it was essentially an [Andrastian] hymn (I’m Christian, preacher’s kid, grew up playing on the worship team, hymns speak to me on a level I admit they probably don’t for most people, but it really made this scene click) and © the tragedy of Haven was suddenly a step toward something much grander, and the survivors were realizing it as much as I was…anyway, hearing them all gradually join in the song, signing on as people whose faith is giving them hope in that moment, gave me and still gives me chills and makes the whole story so worth it.


Maybe “the dawn will come” is Thedas’ version of “call me maybe”

Everybody knows it

I think of it as Thedas’ version of “Amazing Grace”…clearly a hymn, and an Andrastian one, judging from which characters feature foremost in singing it (a Chantry mother, the Left Hand of the Divine/former lay sister, and a former templar…) but those outside of that religion might well have heard it too

(except of course Solas, who is just a few years behind on popular and/or sacred music, isn’t he…), and it has a sort of all-purpose generic soul-strengthening effect. 

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