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A Class Act: Chapter One


A modern high school teacher AU.

Chapter Summary: Mara Lavellan is an English teacher that is new to Skyhold High School. Skyhold is an under performing school that is in danger of being privatized and Mara is there to help. Everyone at the school is welcoming, everyone except a certain history teacher named Cullen Rutherford.

Special thanks to @thesecondsealwrites for the title, because titles are hard. 

Also on AO3.

Mara Lavellan readjusted her shirt for the umpteenth time as her shoes clacked loudly with each step as she entered Skyhold High School. Her body was a bundle of nerves, hands shaking, she could already feel herself sweating nervously. It wasn’t even 8 a.m.

It was her first day on the job at the new school. She shouldn’t be so nervous. It was going to be a day full of faculty meetings and prepping for her classes. She’d already met the administration, it was just the teachers she needed to meet.

Relax, they’ll know if you’re all keyed up, she chided herself as she pulled the heavy metal door open.

Skyhold was an older school, thirty years ago it was the newest in the area. But the district had run out of money initially and cut corners to bring down costs. The school had suffered ever since. The brick was a faded yellow brown and several letters in the lit sign didn’t work. It looked like decay and too many years of trying to get by on far too little, but it didn’t much matter to Mara. She’d worked at schools in worse shape; she was here because Skyhold was in trouble.

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Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light, by Jon Kohen


Hey people, I mentioned earlier this evening that I’m featured on my friend’s EP. And it came out pretty awesome and I’m really excited and proud to have been apart of the making of this music.

So here are some funky fresh beats. Have a listen!!!

Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light, by Jon Kohen


While we’re on the topic of kids, I picture Fenris and Hawke (any gender) adopting a 2-3 orphans because both of them are softies.

Of course, Hawke children are well….Hawke children, regardless of bloodline.

“Malcolm, how many times have I told you not to touch your father’s sword!”

“Leandra, get away from that fire- oh Maker, you cast that, didn’t you? My daughter is a mage. Your father is going to be horrified”

Though I doubt Fenris would take the news of a mage kid all that badly besides being besides himself with worry over their safety. 

“Father…do you hate mages?”


“Cus someone said-”

“That someone knew me when I was young and foolish. Leandra, you are a mage, yes?”


“And I still love you dearly.”


“Then I think that question is answered. Now, I heard you made a fire ball today. That’s quite an accomplishment. How about you show me?”

Meanwhile Hawke bursts into tears from where they’re hiding behind a wall.  


Okay everyone back it up.

What if Fenris started wearing the red ribbon after Hawke became champion.

Like here’s the deal. He walked out on them. He walked out on them and he hates himself for it, hates that he wasn’t up to it.And he tries to let it go, tries to forget when all of the sudden the city is on fire. And Hawke almost dies.

Hawke. Almost. Dies.

It’s scary because they don’t think Hawke is going to make it for awhile. They’re in and out, feverish, and one of the few times Fenris stops in, Hawke reaches for a ribbon, half out of it and offers it to him. Says “was gonna give you something but this is all I got…” and well Fenris can put two and two together. Hawke continues “I know you don’t want, but, happy memories, deserve to hold onto em, reminder someone has your back” and their totally not going to remember this, but Fenris takes the ribbon. Ties it around his wrist. Hawke does not remember giving it to him at all. 

It’s a reminder. A reminder he has someone to protect. And someone who will protect him.

It takes Hawke three years for Fenris to explain where he got it and why he kept it.



14: Overgrown

     Merrill has walked past the ruins many times. The towers fell long ago, leaving mounds of carved stone to wear away the years. Every year, her clan passes by on their way through South Reach, and no one spares the ivy-covered walls a second glance.

     An unexpected halt one year, and Merrill wastes no time slipping away from the caravan. She doesn’t understand why no one else cares about this place of history. Her clan is too concerned with staying away from humans, gathering food, getting to the next place. Things of the now. 

      The doorway is caved in and sealed with Ivy, but she scales the walls easily, feet finding cracks in the stone and branches to hold onto. And when she drops down on the other side, Merrill is in a holy place.

      Trees have completely overgrown the building, making a new ceiling of leaves. The sun shines through, dappling the tiled floor with cool green shadows. And everywhere there are crumbling carvings of halla and archers and shining, cracked mosaics covered over with ivy.

     Merrill can only stand in awe of her history. It may be crumbling, but it is beautiful, and it belongs to her people.


Matching trousers and an enthusiastic little one asking to hear how mama defeated the arishok again

Blogger Gatherings!

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