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submission by @caffeinatedmusing

Inquisitor: I do not think you would accept my help, since I am only waiting around to kill you.
Solas: That does put a damper on our relationship.


Limited Time Only: Free Download of “Songs of the Exalted Council”

Today, Bioware released five bard songs from Trespasser DLC. It’s available for download on the Dragon Age site for free, but is only available until December 31, 2015.

  • “Fall of the Magister”
  • “Scout Lace Harding”
  • “Inquisitor”
  • “The Followers”
  • “The Slightest Ones”

All the music was done by Raney Shockne, featuring Elizaveta and Nick Stoubis.

Download it here:


Sooo anyone wondering how Celyse reacted to the proposal? Giddy and over the moon about it, but super flustered and blushy. So much blushing. And then Cullen gets flustered, and then Celyse gets MORE flustered, and then it’s just a flustered party with an encouraging doggeh ^_- Gah, these cuties. 

And of course this is how Sera knew about the wedding, sneaky elfy ^_-


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OSTs for Dragon Age Trespasser and The Descent Available Now

Amazon | Google Play | iTunes | Spotify

Album List

  • Descent – Main Theme
  • Descent – Aftermath
  • Descent – Titan
  • Descent – Edge of the Abyss
  • Descent – Legion of the Dead
  • Trespasser – Dark Solas Theme
  • Trespasser – Lost Elf Theme
  • Trespasser – Qunari Atmosphere
  • Trespasser – Qunari Mission
  • Trespasser – Qunari Battle (Full Theme)


@jessicapendragon tagged me in another 5 minute flash fiction, so here’s a very quick little Post-Trespasser thing.

The world is too quick to see what the former Inquisitor is
suddenly missing, and quicker still to rush to fill the void.

She is given two arms before she even leaves Halamshiral—beautiful,
gilded things. The first made of gold, the second of marble. She assumes they
were stolen from statues—she is raw, still, and her rage at even being offered
these things flares up.

Misplaced anger, she knows. She wants to blame anyone and
anything but him for the absence of
her limb, the pins holding her left sleeve in place.

By the time she reaches Skyhold, to see about what it really
means to disband the Inquisition, there are fifteen more waiting. Imitations of
what she is missing—they think it’s only
her arm, the cold bastards, when the man she loves walked away with so much

Gold, silver, dawnstone—she loses count of the gifts over
the months, the attempts by those who would have her favour to make themselves
feel better by having no void when they look at her.

It is almost a year later when Dagna makes her offering,
sheepishly, and it is clockwork and iron, with a hand that is not a hand but
will clip to the hilt of her dual blade. It is crude and strange, and it
catches as it turns, always—but this is the first she wears, because it has
gaps where the sunlight shines through, and it does not attempt to make her
whole again.


Dragon Age 4: Solas succeeds in tearing down the Veil. Hawke tumbles out like “whatever just happened IT WASNT ME i didnt do it” and everyone blames hawke anyway

Quick poll.

So in my more-or-less-canon DA:I playthrough (i.e. the one that features in my Hawkquisition series), Leliana becomes Divine.

Who do you think would have replaced her as Inquisition spymaster? (Or perhaps is there a mention of it in Trespasser in such a world state? Because I haven’t played Trespasser yet with that Inquisitor, come to think of it…) 

This question may be relevant to upcoming fic. 🙂

Possibilities I have in mind:

  • Charter gets promoted
  • Harding gets promoted
  • Zevran! Appears out of nowhere to order Inquisition spies around with style.

Who do you think is likelier (propose another besides these three if you like), or who would you WANT to see as spymaster somewhere between the end of DA:I and Trespasser?


I was going thru my old screenshots and I never noticed

Dorian and Vivienne are making faces in the background like they were in on the book gift and were waiting for Cassandra’s reaction 


“Solas knows everything about us. Who we are, how we work, our strengths and weaknesses.. ”
“Then we find people he doesn’t know.”

Pretty sure that line is implying a potential new cast and all, but personally there’s a few old faces I’d like to see again first.

I’m still drowning in Varric/F!hawke (diplomatic) friend!ship feels. Could you maybe write something? Maybe them seeing each other for the first time after Hawke gets back from Weisshaupt.


Trespasser spoilers below!

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