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I was going thru my old screenshots and I never noticed

Dorian and Vivienne are making faces in the background like they were in on the book gift and were waiting for Cassandra’s reaction 


“Solas knows everything about us. Who we are, how we work, our strengths and weaknesses.. ”
“Then we find people he doesn’t know.”

Pretty sure that line is implying a potential new cast and all, but personally there’s a few old faces I’d like to see again first.

I’m still drowning in Varric/F!hawke (diplomatic) friend!ship feels. Could you maybe write something? Maybe them seeing each other for the first time after Hawke gets back from Weisshaupt.


Trespasser spoilers below!

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Solas: A Summary



Goal: Protect Mythal

Result: Mythal gets killed by evanuris

Goal: Save elvhen people from evanuris

Result: World gets split by giant barrier that leads to the collapse of elvhen civilization

Goal: Go into Fade, tear down Veil

Result: Joins modern organization dedicated to repairing the Veil

Goal: Do not get attached to the members of this organization

Result: Gets really attached to the members of this organization

Goal: Minimize chaos and suffering

Result: Accidentally causes lots of chaos and suffering

Goal: Destroy modern world, recreate ancient one to save ancient elves

Probable Result Based on Current Track Record: Saves modern world, finally finishes completely screwing over ancient elves by leaving them with no possible hope of restoring themselves, ever

HAHAHAHHAHA! Oh god, YES! Is this the “hope” Weeks was talking about? Because it makes sense with this line of reasoning.


“Encyclopédie Pratique de Mécanique et d’Électricité, Quillet” (Practical Encyclopedia of Mechanics and Electricity).

Well, they really had everything in Vir Dirthara.

Perhaps also of interest after playing Trespasser: Solas’ library check-out list.

Like, he woke up to this world messed up by the Veil, and starts looking around to see if modern scholars have figured anything out about what went wrong…

Poor Solas… -_-


So while Solas was busy taking my latest Inquisitor’s vallislin away, after chickening out about telling her his identity, I realized something.

Not only was he going to have to tell her everything he told her at the end of the Trespasser DLC, he was going to have to tell her that he had pretty much killed her inadvertently. He was going to have to look his vhenan in the face and tell her that he was the reason she was dying a slow death. He knew from the beginning of the game that the Inquisitor’s days were numbered. He knew from the second he saw the mark on her hand. 

It just makes me feel all the more sad about that scene. He was going to tell her everything. But he backed out at the last minute probably because he feared her response to knowing it was his fault that all this shit was going down; and he didn’t want her to know that when her time came (sooner rather than later) she was dying because of his magic.

I put myself in his place and I don’t think I could tell my lover that either. “Oh, hey, sorry but… that mark on your hand? That’s mine. Annnnnd….. it’s killing you. Slowly. You are probably most definitely going to die. Sorry about that. Kay, I love you, bye!”

It’s just not something I think I’d have the strength to do when they are looking at me with such an expression of love and adoration and trust and hope. To just crush their fantasies and hope for the future and toss them aside… I couldn’t do it. 

Even in Trespasser, Solas eases the Inquisitor into the realization that he is Fen’Harel. He’s basically leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for your Inquisitor to follow. Oh, here’s a tidbit of info here, and a little there, and sprinkle it liberally with angry Viddisala dialogue and the answer spells itself out for you. Plus there is a small leap from “Agent of Fen’Harel” to just plain “Fen’Harel, slave liberator.” As opposed to the other scenario in which Solas goes from, “Apostate hobo” to “Ancient Elven God.” 

And yes, I suppose you could write it off as the Qunari just happened to end up in Fen’Harel’s sanctuary. But come on. This whole DLC was a giant chessboard, and Solas is the only one moving pieces. He wanted you to end up at that Sanctuary. He wanted you to learn about Fen’Harel’s history before confronting him. Just so it makes it easier on him when you finally reach that final confrontation.

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