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You know what? I decided Jocelyn Hawke needed a hug, too.


Bran tells
him dourly that there’s someone to see him, presumably the last on his
calendar, and Varric just says “Yeah, whatever,” because it’s been a long day
already. He doesn’t even look up from the fucked-up accounts he’s been going

Then a
light, familiar voice says, “Varric, what are you doing in the Viscount’s

He looks
up and hastily takes off his reading glasses. Glasses or not, it’s definitely
Hawke standing there in dusty traveling clothes. He stares at her for a long
moment, slouching there like usual, like she never left, like she didn’t take
off for Weisshaupt months and months ago and never writes. He’s frankly at a
loss for words. Him, Varric Tethras.

Finally he
says, “I am the Viscount,” and Hawke blinks.

the Viscount?”


Kirkwall?” she says, like there’s somewhere else around here to be the Viscount

“Yeah,” he
says. “Hawke, where the hell have you been?”

Instead of
answering, she starts laughing. Uncontrollably, peals of laughter bursting out
of her and wiping the lines off her face, wiping away the years and losses of
the last decade. She laughs so hard she staggers and has to brace herself
against one of the heavy, ornate chairs kept for the Viscount’s visitors, and
then, still laughing, she tries to sit in the chair and misses, and slides down
to the ground. Varric can’t even see her over the damned desk, but she’s still

He sighs
and hops out of his chair and comes around the desk. Hawke is half-sprawled on
the floor, her back against the desk, clutching her midsection with both arms
while she laughs. Varric stands there patiently, arms folded, waiting.

She runs
out of air eventually, and the laughter peters out into giggles, and finally
she looks up at him, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, and says, “You.
You’re the Viscount of Kirkwall. Aveline told me I’d better come up to the
Viscount’s office. I’m amazed she managed to keep a straight face.”

“Yeah, me
too,” Varric says, thinking that he owes Aveline one, only he’s not sure one of
what. It’s been a long time since he’s seen Hawke laugh like that.

She doesn’t
seem inclined to get up, and sighs and leans back against the desk, still
grinning, stretching out her long legs in front of her.

thinks it over and sits down beside her. Tucks an arm around her shoulders, and
Hawke leans in and rests her cheek against his shoulder with a little sigh.

“You came
back,” he says quietly, marveling a little. He honestly hadn’t been sure Hawke
would ever set foot in Kirkwall again.

She sighs
again, wearily, like the years and losses are creeping back. “Of course I came
back. Where else was I going to go?”

he almost says. Back to Fereldan or hell, she could run away to Antiva or
Rivain and just disappear. But he doesn’t actually want her anywhere but here,
so he squeezes her shoulders a little tighter.


Day 4 –

Do any of the other companions help Hawke with his reading/writing lessons?

Other than Hawke i could always picture Varric and Isabela helping Fenris with his reading lessons.

Varric would be teaching him how to read with one of his books, while Isabela would probably make him read a naughty book.


Marian Hawke | Headcanon Meme – ☆ – happy headcanon requested by @zabka-zee & @madameinquisitor

Let’s be real, all Ferelden’s are happiest when they’re bonding with their Mabari companion.

And Marian’s happens to be named Bear, after the the most terrifying creature to come across in the Ferelden Hinterlands. (Though to Bethany it was more like a huggable Teddy Bear thing). 


Varric: So… I take it you were looking for another change of scenery. Tell me, is Ferelden everything you dreamed it would be?

Fenris: There are less dogs than I expected.

Varric: Ah. Well to be fair, they probably turned tail when demons started pouring out of the sky.

Fenris: They are wiser than most.

Varric: Yeah… shame we don’t share that kind of instinct, huh? Nope. Here we are, strolling straight from one disaster into another. Like a couple of chumps.

Fenris: At least the scenery is nice?

Varic: (chuckles) True, true. Ah… believe it or not, it’s good to have you back, Broody.

Because I have a lot of feelings about Varric and Fenris hanging out and being like “not this shit again…”


Based on this.

Pretty sure this has been done, but I was in the mood to draw Sebastian. Then I was going to color this seriously, but then I gave up. 

Hi there, I couldn’t find the answer to this, and I thought as an expert on all things Fenris you of all people you would know: does Fenris ever gain legal title to the mansion he lives in? I thought I had read somewhere that he did, but can’t find it again. And if he does, is it canon that he does or is it something that *might* happen based on game choices? Thanks LN!


Yes, he does! 😀 There’s a conversation with Varric that goes:

  • Varric: Those papers weren’t easy to forge, you know.
  • Fenris: I appreciate your assistance.
  • Varric: Why don’t you just sell the blighted place and be done with it?
  • Fenris: Sentimental reasons.

I’ve got a video of it here. The catch is, in order to trigger this you have to not recruit Isabela. If you do, she’ll be the one talking to Fenris when Hawke walks in and the conversation will be about the Seneschal’s tax collector instead.

Whether or not that makes it canon…is up to you I guess? Personally, I do take it as canon even when Isabela is recruited. Just because Hawke doesn’t hear it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen ^^




Does Varric

ever actually call Fenris “Broody” ??

Because I’ve only heard “elf” and I’m pretty sure that’s it?

Yeah he only calls Fenris “elf.” “Broody” was something fans came up with and then it somehow popped up on the DA Wiki??? but “elf” is the canon nickname

Yeah. He teases him in banter about being broody or about what he perceives to be a brooding temperament, but he never actually uses the word as a nickname. He just says, “elf.”

This is super evident in the Alone quest if you tell Fenris not to kill Varania and Varric is in the party, and Bartrand was killed during Family Matter back in Act 2. He’ll approach Fenris and say, “Elf–Fenris, this is the last thing you want to do, trust me.” He calls him by his name rather than the nickname to indicate how serious he is about it.



I wonder if Varric ever published a sequel to Hard in Hightown, based on Merrill, and called it Lost in Lowtown

#it could be an adventure series about an elf who accidentally fights crime while just trying to find her way home

Any thoughts on Varric’s friendship when Fenris? I feel like it gets overlooked a lot, even though Varric seemed to do a lot of work getting Fenris to come out of his shell!


It’s kind of sweet, isn’t it? I think it’s because, in some ways, they’re kindred spirits.

Varric is used to people looking at him and seeing nothing but dwarfiness: yet another stumpy-legged gold-chewer with his head crammed up a thousand years’ worth of stone. But that’s not who Varric is. He doesn’t value social sniping or politicking, and he doesn’t value wealth or status for its own sake. And he certainly doesn’t want to recapture the past; he lives in the moment, enjoying the present for what it is.  In some ways he’s like Sera – just as she doesn’t identify with “elfy” elves, neither does Varric identify with “dwarfy” dwarves.

As we see, this puzzles many of the members of the Inquisition, particularly Solas (who will not shut up for two seconds about how Varric is a child of the Stone dude chill) and Blackwall, who struggles to find common ground with him. In fact, early on, Blackwall tries to reach out to Varric by telling him about this one dwarf friend he had, and, well, it doesn’t go over so hot: 

Blackwall: I once met a dwarf who made the best home-brewed ale.
Varric: I once met a Grey Warden who got possessed by a spirit and then blew up a chantry and killed a hundred people.
Varric: What makes people think you want to hear what others of “your kind” have done, anyway?

What’s funny, though, is that in his first conversation with Varric, Fenris tries to reach out in a similar way:

Fenris: I thought all dwarves had beards. Where’s yours?
Varric: I misplaced it, along with my sense of dwarven pride and my gold-plated noble caste pin.
Fenris: I thought maybe it fell onto your chest.
Varric: Oh-ho! The broody elf tells a joke!
Fenris: I don’t brood.
Varric: Friend, if your brooding were any more impressive, women would swoon as you passed. They’d have broody babies in your honor.
Varric: And you thought I was joking about the pin.

So what’s the difference? I think it’s because Fenris approaches Varric with curiosity. Instead of saying to Varric, “you’re a dwarf and all dwarves are the same,” as Blackwall does; Fenris says, “you’re not like other dwarves, and why is that?”  Which Varric can appreciate, even if, yes, he’s a little snarky about it, talking about pride and pins and all that.

The snark, I think, is a bit of a test. “If I push, will he push back?” And Fenris gives back just as much as he gets.

Another thing I like about this dialogue is how Varric immediately calls Fenris out on the broody persona: The clawed gauntlets, black leather, spiky bangs, guarded voice, the whole shebang. And a persona it is, right? It’s a shell, meant to keep people at arm’s length. Of all Hawke’s Companions, I think Varric realizes that the quickest. Because he and Fenris do the same thing, you see. Where Fenris uses spikes, Varric uses a silk shirt, unlaced three buttons. Look at the spikes. Look at the shirt. Don’t look at what lies underneath. etc.

I admit, I was kind of cool on Fenris at first, but once I started to see him around Varric, I warmed up to him considerably. And I will always regret not getting to see more of those two in action.

(One thing I don’t get? Why everyone thinks Varric’s nickname for Fenris is “Broody”. He teases Fenris about brooding, sure, but the only nickname Varric ever uses for him is “Elf”. You can read the dialogue banters for yourself.)


1920′s inspired da2 companions (´◉ ω ◉`)?

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