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I wonder if Varric ever published a sequel to Hard in Hightown, based on Merrill, and called it Lost in Lowtown

#it could be an adventure series about an elf who accidentally fights crime while just trying to find her way home

Any thoughts on Varric’s friendship when Fenris? I feel like it gets overlooked a lot, even though Varric seemed to do a lot of work getting Fenris to come out of his shell!


It’s kind of sweet, isn’t it? I think it’s because, in some ways, they’re kindred spirits.

Varric is used to people looking at him and seeing nothing but dwarfiness: yet another stumpy-legged gold-chewer with his head crammed up a thousand years’ worth of stone. But that’s not who Varric is. He doesn’t value social sniping or politicking, and he doesn’t value wealth or status for its own sake. And he certainly doesn’t want to recapture the past; he lives in the moment, enjoying the present for what it is.  In some ways he’s like Sera – just as she doesn’t identify with “elfy” elves, neither does Varric identify with “dwarfy” dwarves.

As we see, this puzzles many of the members of the Inquisition, particularly Solas (who will not shut up for two seconds about how Varric is a child of the Stone dude chill) and Blackwall, who struggles to find common ground with him. In fact, early on, Blackwall tries to reach out to Varric by telling him about this one dwarf friend he had, and, well, it doesn’t go over so hot: 

Blackwall: I once met a dwarf who made the best home-brewed ale.
Varric: I once met a Grey Warden who got possessed by a spirit and then blew up a chantry and killed a hundred people.
Varric: What makes people think you want to hear what others of “your kind” have done, anyway?

What’s funny, though, is that in his first conversation with Varric, Fenris tries to reach out in a similar way:

Fenris: I thought all dwarves had beards. Where’s yours?
Varric: I misplaced it, along with my sense of dwarven pride and my gold-plated noble caste pin.
Fenris: I thought maybe it fell onto your chest.
Varric: Oh-ho! The broody elf tells a joke!
Fenris: I don’t brood.
Varric: Friend, if your brooding were any more impressive, women would swoon as you passed. They’d have broody babies in your honor.
Varric: And you thought I was joking about the pin.

So what’s the difference? I think it’s because Fenris approaches Varric with curiosity. Instead of saying to Varric, “you’re a dwarf and all dwarves are the same,” as Blackwall does; Fenris says, “you’re not like other dwarves, and why is that?”  Which Varric can appreciate, even if, yes, he’s a little snarky about it, talking about pride and pins and all that.

The snark, I think, is a bit of a test. “If I push, will he push back?” And Fenris gives back just as much as he gets.

Another thing I like about this dialogue is how Varric immediately calls Fenris out on the broody persona: The clawed gauntlets, black leather, spiky bangs, guarded voice, the whole shebang. And a persona it is, right? It’s a shell, meant to keep people at arm’s length. Of all Hawke’s Companions, I think Varric realizes that the quickest. Because he and Fenris do the same thing, you see. Where Fenris uses spikes, Varric uses a silk shirt, unlaced three buttons. Look at the spikes. Look at the shirt. Don’t look at what lies underneath. etc.

I admit, I was kind of cool on Fenris at first, but once I started to see him around Varric, I warmed up to him considerably. And I will always regret not getting to see more of those two in action.

(One thing I don’t get? Why everyone thinks Varric’s nickname for Fenris is “Broody”. He teases Fenris about brooding, sure, but the only nickname Varric ever uses for him is “Elf”. You can read the dialogue banters for yourself.)


1920′s inspired da2 companions (´◉ ω ◉`)?


I said I was gonna curb the DA comics but then I didn’t

January 19, 2015 by @coelasquid

I swear to god no matter how ancient and sacred and sealed away from society a temple I crash is, I can pretty much bet across the board on either finding parts for Bianca or scattered chapters of Hard in Hightown.



I am so sorry that these took me so long to get ready and put together. Life has been kicking my ass lately. But here they are! Beastly Beverages Dragon Age inspired teas!

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Dorian Pavus


Varric Tethras


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Warriors Such As: Chapter 21 (Final chapter!)


And so we have reached the end! *sniff* I’m going to miss this story…Now to go plan part 5 though 🙂

Word count: 2763
Rating: G
Summary: This is it. The final chapter. Lyrium cleansing and birthday cake!

Read it here or on:  DA  |  AO3  |

Masterpost in case you need to catch up or start from the beginning!

Comments and reblogs are always appreciated! I love seeing what you think of each chapter, what parts you liked or want to respond to, or even just a note if you enjoyed it!

Part 4: Warriors Such As

Chapter 21
Wherein Merrill works a

The Champion of Kirkwall was certainly free with her affections.
Her claim on Fenris’ heart was evident from the never-broken flow of touches,
Metis thought as he watched them approach where he sat in the garden the
morning after their return to Skyhold. She walked at his side, close enough to
brush shoulders, and he leaned over to brush a kiss to her hair. She took his
hand, while he balanced Malcolm against his hip with the other, and he twined
his fingers with hers. When her arm slipped around his waist, his went to her
shoulder, drawing her in closer. To say that they could not keep their hands
off each other would imply the desperation of a younger relationship, still
working out the details. This seemed a union whose details were worked out to
the point that they fit so neatly into one another’s space as to seem
incomplete without those touches of reassurance: You’re still here? Good. So
am I

Hawke’s presence brought smiles to Fenris’ face more regularly
than at any time since Metis had met him. He lit up at her touch; sometimes,
even literally, his markings giving off a faint glow. Metis sighed as he looked
down at his own markings. They hurt, still; their song was an ever present
danger; they might just kill him, if they could not be cleansed soon. But to
see his son smile like this, he regretted none of it.

“Good morning!” he greeted them, as they joined him on his bench.
Malcolm slipped from his father’s lap to the ground but kept a hand on Fenris’
knee, the other fist in his mouth as he stood there, staring up at Metis. He
winked at the child, and Malcolm pulled back slightly, pressing himself against
Fenris’ leg, but a smile tugged at the boy’s face behind his fist.

“Sleep well?” Lisbet asked, brushing her fingers through Malcolm’s
curly hair from Fenris’ other side.

“As well as may be expected,” Metis answered. “It is…more
difficult, at night, ignoring the lyrium.”

Fenris looked aghast. “But you’ve been able to resist it so far.”

“Yes, but that’s easier to do in the daylight, with plenty of
distractions. Oh, don’t look at me like that, Fenris. I’ve managed; but I will
be glad if this friend of yours really can cleanse the lyrium and tame its

“She can,” Lisbet beamed. “I’m sure of it. Reasonably sure.
Emmen’s made a full recovery.”

“Metis’ markings are different from the red lyrium that infected
Emmen,” Fenris cautioned.

“It will still work, darling,” Lisbet insisted. “You know
how Dagna is when a project challenges her. And Merrill is…well, she’s
practically giddy at the chance to help. They’re ready to begin today, Metis,
if you wish.”

“No time like the present,” he smiled. “I am eager to see what
miracles they have prepared.”

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To celebrate your follower milestone, maybe you could write some slice-of-life kind of scenes for your favorite DA friendships?


He didn’t make a noise as he slid into the pew, but
Sebastian smiled anyway.

“Not a word,” Fenris growled, low under his breath. He
grabbed a hymnal quickly, snatching it from its resting place like it might
flee at his attention. Occasionally he still had trouble with some of the
verses, but he had a good ear for music, and caught on quickly.

Sebastian was smiling around the hymn he mouthed as he
glanced at the elf, snowy head bowed as he quickly flipped through the pages
for the appropriate place. In the dim flicker of Chantry candlelight, he almost
looked to be blushing.

“You really fit four
in there?” Merrill squealed, and Aveline paused, lowering herself into her

“What are you telling the girl now, slut?”

Isabela’s expression was pure trouble, the wild call of
things unknown awake in the lively flush of her cheeks and the wind in her
hair. She had a head start on the other two women; Aveline counted no less than
three empty tankards at her elbow.

“If you wanted to hear the whole story, you shouldn’t have
been late,” Isabela said, waving over a waitress. “Something with a kick for my
friend, sweet thing. We have plenty of work ahead of us if we’re going to get
that stick out of her ass before morning.”

“C’mon, Blondie, again?”

“I told you, I have important work to do,” Anders’s voice
was sharp, irritated. Hunched over the scarred, wobbly table that passed as his
writing desk, the feathers of his coat on end, he looked more to Varric like a
grumpy turkey than a dangerous apostate.

He doubted the mage would find the comparison amusing.

“Come on,” Varric said again. “I know revisions can be a
bitch. That’s why you need to get out, stretch your legs. When’s the last time
you saw the sun?”

Scratching out something on his manifesto, Anders reached for
a clean page. “Has it turned green?”

“Well no.”

“Then why do I need to see it.”

Varric huffed, pulling up a chair. “You know, I remember
when you used to be fun.”


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