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DA2: Take this with you by carrinth

Why didn’t I post it before? :’)


Blackwall mentions at one point in Inquisition that Cullen has seen the best and worst of the world and struggles with where that leaves him; @ravenstag asked me when Cullen saw the best of the world because before Kinloch Hold he was naive.

I think Cullen saw the best of the world in 3 different people. 

The Hero of Ferelden, who saved him from a broken tower.

Hawke, who saved him from Kirkwall.

And the Inquisitor, who saved him from himself.

Alistair: Want to hear a joke, my dear?
Warden: Go ahead.
Alistair: *clears throat* Knock knock.
Warden: Who’s there?
Alistair: Marry.
Warden: Marry who?
Alistair: Marry me?


It’s sooooo dead at work and I’m craving some Alistair x Cousland fluff! Can I get some links please?

@spirrum‘s Roses for your Garden is a lovely one!


I may not be with you, but we’re always together.



Here you go: silly and sentimental dad Alistair! 

I’m feeling sappy, so I’m bringing this one back. Dad!Alistair always makes me happy!

Two Words

I’ve seen several people do this & open-tag it…most recently @moodyrebelmage from whom I am now claiming the tag! 🙂

Rules: describe your Warden, Hawke and Quizzy in 2 words

(Going with my canon playthrough i.e. the characters from the Hawkquisition world state)

Warden (Ranna Cousland): Cunning and Resilient

Hawke (Lisbet, mage): Patient and Stubborn

Inquisitor (Thayer Trevelyan): Cheeky and Charming

Tagging anyone who wants to!

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