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7/7/7 WIP Challenge

Was tagged again for this by @spirrum a while ago but have just now got to the seventh page of the next unpublished chapter, so now I have something to answer with!

The rules are as follows: Go to page 7 of your WIP, go to the seventh line, share seven sentences, and tag 7 more writer-bloggers to continue the challenge.

Tagging, no obligation: @broodywolf @quinnlocke @glyphron @lyriumrebel @loquaciousquark @w0rdinista @vertigosight and anyone else interested!

This snippet is spoilery if you haven’t read through chapter 14 of Warriors Such As, so here follows a cut. Proceed at your own spoilable risk.

Fenris considered finding out just how well recovered his markings were, but the extra guards and his lack of any other weapon, as well as the fact that they already had Metis fastened into his restraints, stopped him from any rash attempt at escape.

Then Licinius, raising his staff, motioned for Fenris to be brought close. Feeling the ropes cut away from his wrists, he tensed, prepared to be returned to restraints himself, but the magister had other ideas.

“We must be sure the markings are done exactly right this time,” Licinius said, beckoning Fenris closer to Metis’ table. “I want you where we can see you most easily. Right there – stop. Yes, that will do.

And because that’s not even that great a snippet, I’m going to cheat and also give a bonus seven lines from page 5, because I like this bit better. 🙂

And he began to speak of pain. Slowly at first, halting, overwhelmed himself at the memory of the torment he had long struggled to put behind him. But it became easier as he went on, the warmth of his father beside him a reminder that his purpose was to spare Metis the same panic he had felt at the first bright flare of pain from the brand on his skin, the first white wash of pain from the lyrium bonding to the burns, the mad rush of pain overwhelming his thoughts, flooding his mind and crowding out his dearest memories. Fenris grasped at Metis’ own tactics and found the strength to explain it all calmly, academically, observing from time’s distance the unspeakable trial he had gone through and finding it possible to speak of it after all.

And by the end, his father’s head leaned against his shoulder; for which of them the comfort was meant, Fenris was unsure, but it was enough for them both. Bound hands prevented Metis from working any magic, but Fenris could feel the lyrium in his skin listening to the magic in his father’s blood, as if waking from the sleep induced by the magister’s potion upon them both.

Magic. Fenris tensed again and said, “Promise me one thing, Metis?”

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game


Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

7/7/7 Challenge

Tagged by @barbex and fortunately I am past page 7 of the current WIP chapter by now so I can actually play. 🙂


Go to page 7 of your WIP, go to the seventh line, share seven sentences, and tag 7 more writer-bloggers to continue the challenge.

And here are seven sentences from page 7, line 7 of chapter 13 of Warriors Such As:

Fenris whirled to run him through but the assassin had already vanished again into the fog.

And then, with a faint breeze and a tsking sound, the fog suddenly parted and a familiar voice rushed in its wake. “Unharmed, I’m sure I said,” Licinius scolded his Venatori, sounding almost bored. “We do not have time to deal with scars over the markings.”

Fenris turned again and raised his sword with a scowl, poised to charge at the magister. But then a flare of light surrounded him and he felt himself paralyzed, fixed in place. From the corner of his eyes he could barely make out the glyph that Licinius had cast at his feet.

Oh goodness, a bit spoilery perhaps! 😀 Maybe that will motivate me to get the rest of this chapter finished so you can have the context? Yes, yes it will.

And tagging: @glyphron @broodywolf @quinnlocke @awritingpen @redheadthunderhead @lyriumrebel @theherocomplex

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