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Lately I have been trying to catch up on reading, and the thing that has bugged me most consistently is wound care and how characters treat their charges’ exposed injuries. 

I just got out of a semester of modalities, including wound care, and I would like to share a few main points with you.  Assuming that your character is otherwise healthy and has no vascular deficiencies:

  1. Dry wounds are bad.  The body carries all of its signals and ions and nutrients through fluid media.  Dry wounds prevent the migration of nutrition and new cells to a wound bed.  Scabs, accordingly, fall into the category of very bad as they slow the healing process overall and also prevent range of motion.  (Additionally when scabs are removed before they “fall off” they can take healthy new cells with them).  You don’t want to let a wound dry out, but rather you want to give it a dressing that donates moisture to the bed, cover it very well, and then let the wound do its thing.
  2. Rolling off of the above point, wounds do not need to be left to “air out”.  The human body is right around 98.6F/37C and exposing it to ambient temperatures also slows healing, plus, will contribute to the wound drying out.  Leave it covered.  You only need to check on it or change bandages regularly if there are signs of infection or if the wound is giving off lots of exudate.  Unless there is infection, the bandages likely do not need to be changed every day.
  3. Gauze is very, very bad.  Everyone I have been reading lately talks about gauze.  Gauze x.x GAUZE X.X!!!  Gauze is a cheap ass plant product that soaks up every bit of moisture it comes into contact with.  It also has the habit of binding to soft tissues so that when it is removed it debrides everything it has bound to, good and bad tissue alike, and it can actually set back healing instead of encouraging it.  Because it has been processed and will not dissolve in the body, it also creates a higher risk of infection around the wound.  It has no compressive properties and cannot be used as a proper compression bandage (neither do Ace bandages, but that’s for another post). 

So, please use this information accordingly. Especially if you are writing something modern. 

This company specializes in medical technology and has good information on a lot of products for wound care and bandages, including anti-microbial, moisture-donating dressings, etc.

Please treat your characters well, give your story a boost, and make yourself look like a sightly more educated author by not doing these things.

Reblogging because this is still not widely known.

Adding a link to the ConvaTec website (I have no conflict of interests) because they have a lot of basic information about different dressing and bandage types.

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