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Fic Starter Friday


☆ Cut:
Many of us have one FenHawke scene we’d like to change. Maybe just a few details. Maybe the whole thing. Or, maybe, there’s a scene missing that would totally happen in your version of the pairing. Show how it was meant to happen in your FenHawke.

☆ Fast forward:
What does the very end of your FenHawke look like? Do they grow old or die before their time? Who goes first? (Rated: A for angst)

☆ Action!:
Fenris and Hawke have faced so many foes together. Take your favorite battle your FenHawke has had (canon or headcanon) and write out the epic battle scene for us.

☆ Parody:
Alright, if you write AUs or feel the urge to really have some fun and try something new, it’s time to write a parody. Rewrite some FenHawke scenes as goofy reimaginings. Tie in other games, or tie in movies, or make your own funny rewrites. Don’t forget to link it to us, or use the overall Fic Starter Friday tag so we can read it.



Got out of the artsy mojo for a bit there, but I’m BACk with MORE UNDEFEATED CRAP, featuring things that have happened, things that will happen, and a preview for the next chapter’s header in the upper left there

Holy crap the punching one is hotter than it should be.

Yes yes, the top left one and all, but OH MY WORD Disney Prince Fenris and the Starstruck Halla… 😀

Chapter 22


It Was Always You

Wherein Hawke and Fenris are fluffy!!

Self-positivity meme


@rannadylin tagged me for this meme, the aim being to list 5 of the favourite things you’ve created. And for this, i’m going a little cross fandom, cross media and in no particular order:

1) Touching the Horizon
How can I not be proud of this. At almost 70,000 words it’s easily the longest thing i’ve written, i’ve had lovely feedback, it’s so nearly finished and i’m generally very happy with how it’s coming together. I know i’ll want to read it through again at some point and make revisions but for now, i’m happy with what i’ve done

2) Reading Lessons
I just reread this the other week because someone went through commenting on it and I actually really enjoyed reading my own stuff. Which I didn’t entirely expect. And as one of the earliest things I wrote for FenHawke, I really like my characterisations from the canon.

3) contact_Name { WinterSoldier
Once upon a time I wrote a ficlet of a few thousand words inspired by a prompt for Hacker!Bucky Barnes and FBI!Steve Rogers. And it was reblogged by a big name blog and that first chapter got so many notes and requests to continue it that I was inspired to keep writing. Nothing else I could write will ever come close to the notes that has on it, and although it isn’t finished, I have the whole thing plotted out in my brain and I am considering turning back to it as my major writing project after finishing the current one. I’m not saying i judge my pride based on notes and kudos, but a lot of people told me they liked what i was doing in that fic and i can’t deny that messages on it even now asking me to continue make me smile for quite some time.

4) Eternal Tuesday Afternoon
Even further back, in my time in the Supernatural fandom, this was my first attempt at experimenting with style and prose. No pairings, no notable characters. I just really wanted to explore the character of one throwaway line, about a man with autism and how he saw the world. On the other end of the scale, this has 2 whole kudos and only 700 words. But I was really happy with how I tried something different.

5) I’m happy with my cosplays, and the fact i was brave/stupid enough to create a cosplay page on facebook, which you can see here. I’ve certainly shared my Solas on here but one you’re less likely to have seen, and also the one i’ve very proud of as I wore it to my first convention in Scotland, is my Rumplestiltskin from OuaT, and the pretty fantastic photos I got from that with the help of Mr Drew Photography

Okay umm, I want to spread all the positivity and don’t know who hasn’t been tagged. So i choose you @subjct0, @arthulian, @disgustcdnoisc, @bettydice, @an-amethyst-moon and anyone else who wants to feel positive?



He loves her I promise


I can’t believe that 5 years ago the world was gifted with the most amazing protagonist in the history of protagonists. A++++

[Fic] Invicta, Invictus [8/22]


Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Fenris/Hawke, Leandra/Malcolm, Bethany, Carver, OCs
Word Count: 4200 this chapter, approx. 90,000 total
Summary: Magister AU.
The Fifth Blight strikes Ferelden, and Malcolm’s old Tevinter
citizenship chases the Hawke family north instead of south—straight into
seats of power in the magisterium. Few in Minrathous welcome such
foreigners, but when an unfriendly duel lands Danarius’s prized slave
squarely in Hawke’s possession, not even a magister can predict the
upheaval that follows.

Dawn has come and gone again by the time Fenris realizes Hawke is
asleep on her horse. She’s not exactly weaving, the horse too
uninterested to do much but follow the isolated road into the morning,
but her head bobs with every step, her hands slack on the reins in her

He wouldn’t care, except that she’s the only one who knows where they’re going. “Hawke.”

Nothing. He reins next to her, reaches over to catch her wrist. “Hawke, wake up.”

She groans, intensely annoyed, and nearly falls off the horse in her stretch. “Are we there yet? Damn this heat.”

wouldn’t know,” he says. This time he keeps pace with her, checking by
habit the saddlebags tied behind them both that still show no signs of
failure despite their overladen seams. Leandra had buckled them in place
herself. “If we’ve passed it while you slept…”

“No. We’re nearly there.” She curls her fingers around the back of her neck. “Maker, my head hurts.”

Links:, AO3

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