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it’s been like 800 years since I laid a finger on DA:O or DA2, but my forever boys are… well, my forever boys, so. 


Cons of having a mage girlfriend!

(Although to be honest, Chava just has really shitty aim.) She’s sitting there like ‘I’m going to kill my team-mates before the Archdemon has a chance’. Zevran takes it as it comes. He’s chill.

Anyhow, still practicing consistency and failing by doodling. I figure I have to keep trying if I’m going to get any better at it. So yea. Sorry for how messy and rough they are, I’m trying not to spend too much on this stuff. Also I /still/ don’t know what size to make these so that they show up best! Oh well, trial and error it is!

Bonus: Chava’s the kind of girl that turns into a tomato when she blushes. I wasn’t sure if I should go with the pink or not but eh- here it is


Shale: I have noticed that the painted elf seeks the attention of the Grey Warden.
Zevran: He certainly does.
Shale: I watched many such couplings during the time I spent immobile in Honnleath. Or should I say I was forced to watch. You do know that this usually ends in reproduction. I have seen it many times, indeed.
Zevran: Oh? That is not such a terrible thought. Creating a new life can be a great deal of fun.

and after the battle of amaranthine, the hero of ferelden was last seen taking ship to antiva, accompanied by an elf rumored to have been a crow assasssin


{Elf Boyfriend Romance Embroidered Patches}

“ Want to show your love for your wife or husband of Thedas? These patches are perfect for you! All canon love interests are available. Please message me if I’ve forgotten anyone. Anders, Solas, and Alistair patches shown.

Embroidered design sewn onto a base of double-layered pink fabric and backed with stabilizer to make it simple to machine or hand sew onto any garment.

Measures approximately 4.5"x4.“

Each item is made to order, and base fabric may fray slightly on edges in transit despite my best efforts. Edges are trimmed as closely as I feel I can get without clipping the threads. A dot of seam glue is placed at the beginning and end of a stitch area to prevent fraying.

Custom background and heart color are available at request!”


okay okay alright


Some more Dragon age fanart. Male elf LI’s from all three games. … And i’ve romanced ‘em all…. I’m beginning to suspect i have a weakness for elves….. 

huh… i totally forgot zev’s face tat. fak.

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